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Protea Productions

We specialise in the creation of apps for use across all mobile platforms.

Protea Productions is a company geared towards the creation of superior mobile apps and associated intellectual content. We pride ourselves on the ability to take good ideas and turn them into good working applications.

What Do We Do?

Our key focus is the creation of superior and fully functioning apps, to which we will provide support. The world of apps isn’t just competitive, but flooded with very mediocre products, often resulting in users deleting such apps almost immediately or simply browsing through the various reviews before deciding not to install. Here at Protea Productions we don’t want that for our customers and it’s why when you come to us, it will be your last stop before success.

Who Is Protea Productions?

Protea Productions is a marketing firm specialising in the creation of full spectrum mobile apps for commercial or private use. We take pride in our ability to exchange ideas with clients to the extent that the end result is a multi-mobile device functioning app. Our team of creatives and developers work in conjunction to bring into fruition mobile apps of the highest quality with monetary implication, should the client so want it. Some of our best apps have provided the type of feedback that only leads to further innovation and better outcomes.

We Want to hear from You

We’d like to make your acquaintance and your app for that matter. Feel free to contact us via the following means and let’s make things happen

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Cape Town, South Africa, 7441

+27 21 528 9300
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